• Melanie McHale

    Melanie holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree, is an experienced mentor, mindfulness and meditation coach, nature connection facilitator and wellness practioner based on the Central Coast NSW. She offers a range of workshops, classes and private treatments offering practical tools, support, inspiration and information to help her clients understand themselves better, improve areas in their life which cause hardship and heartache and guide them to re-connect with the healing power of the natural world.

    “My goal is to help people understand how we can calm our minds and relieve stress and suffering, how to receive energy, comfort and support through time in nature and increase joy, connection and contentment in their lives.”

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  • Wild Feather Studio

    Wild Feather Studio  is a haven. It is a place for people to come to relax, to breathe, learn and create. The tall stand of blue gums embrace the main house and the lawns and palms offer endless shades of green. 

    As you enter the lounge area you will be invited to detach yourself from the outside world, your roles and responsibilities, to land and become present before entering the sacred space of the Studio. Once you enter the light-filled space it is time for YOU. To embrace the peace and serenity and connect with your needs and nature and just ALLOW the experience to unfold.     

    One  of my favourite artists is the French impressionist Claude Monet, whose paintings are world renowned. He said....  "the richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration"

    Nature is my inspiration too. It grounds me. Excites me. Soothes me. Sometimes I am in awe and other times simply content. Being immersed in nature keeps me sane in a hectic fast paced world.

    Outside the sliding glass doors, we step into the pulsing lush rainforest, where meandering trails invite you to wander and embrace the pulse of life. The trees are ancient and towering to the sky and the creek has many moods as it quietly ebbs and flows. Two acres of natural forest is home to many different birds, small wallabies, water dragon lizards and our creek is home to yabbies, eels and platypus. 

    I look forward to welcoming you and hope you can feel the beauty and healing energy of the Studio and land. 

    Wild Feather Studio...a unique , calming sanctuary nestled amongst lush, tropical rainforest.

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